Hansons Marathon Method: Week 9

Weekly Mileage: 40 miles

Total Mileage: 220 miles

August 2-4 052

There is supposed to be an extra mile in here somewhere for this week’s final count, but I just cannot be bothered to even begin to try to figure this one out right now.  It’s almost bedtime ’round these parts.

What I am most thankful for this week: Besides the fact that my body has not fallen apart on me outright?  That I had another round of phenomenal weekend running weather. I know the fact that I went Up North helped immensely, but there is so much glory to be had in running when it is 50 degrees.

The most jaw-dropping occurrence of the week: I realized that even with a week off while we were in Europe, I ran more miles in July than I have run in any other month this year.

LOL of the week: I only realized last Friday morning that I had been inverting my long runs and my shorter runs were meant to be on Saturday mornings while my longer runs were meant to be on Sundays.

It, of course, ended up Not Mattering At All because of the 10k I’ll be telling you all about tomorrow, but I’ll be keeping it for next weekend because we have a wedding on Saturday night and I know the last thing in the world I will want to do is run long the morning after dancing the night away.

World Peace Action Item of the Week: What to do about this upcoming week’s schedule.  Since I didn’t run 10 miles last weekend, I’m not terrifically comfortable jumping straight to a 15 mile long run AND adding another 6 miles.  So I’m going to repeat Week 8 again and then move forward from there.


One response to “Hansons Marathon Method: Week 9

  1. Girl you just don’t stop. Good on you. I hope you are listening to some awesome tunes all the while. I’ve got this Shakira tune stuck n my head of late…

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