A Weekend on the Water

This weekend marked six of six spent away from home.  And the third weekend in a row that I’ve been Up North.

I don’t know that I’ve been at the cabin for so many consecutive weekends since Grandpa Bill was in hospice when I was in the 3rd grade.  It was his wish to spend his last summer in the sun surrounded by his family, and so we went up there every weekend and sometimes for whole weeks at a time.  That summer is at best a blur of bunk beds and swimsuits and dinners on the porch.

I get it Grandpa, I do.  The ride up is always the most joyful of drives and the ride down, painstakingly beautiful as you pass through the state forest and around Lake Mille Lacs.  Through the miles of farm fields and back to The Cities.

August 2-4 001

Since I left straight from work (with a stop at home to grab my things – it’s on the way), I made it up with time to spare for dinner, which meant more time to open a beer and sit outside on the dock.  My parents would tell you that I made a beeline and they would be absolutely right.

August 2-4 002

Seriously this koozie was the best investment I made all summer.  Yes, I know I talk about it Way Too Much.

I have yet to find one for short cans, but if anyone sees anything that will help me break my (expensive) dependence on tall cans, please do a sister a favor and send that information my way.

The lake, as per the usual, was covering itself in glory.

August 2-4 003 August 2-4 005 August 2-4 006 August 2-4 015

We woke up to steam coming off of the lake (we were hitting mid-40s at 6:00 AM) and this Blue Heron fishing in the shallows.

August 2-4 018

After running my first 10k (I’ll have more to share about that later this week!) and dealing with the issue of breakfast, Billy, Carter, Travis and I headed out on the boat.

August 2-4 032

Carter caught a pretty good-sized bass.

August 2-4 035

In his words, We Would Eat Tonight.

Billy decided to play a game of I Spy with his first catch.

August 2-4 041

It’s in there somewhere, I swear.

And then he did a bit of a face-off, mano y mano.

August 2-4 043

His second catch was sort of a repeat.

August 2-4 044

And then he turned over the rod to me and I fished for the first time in probably…10 years?

I caught Big Pine Lake’s largest perch.

August 2-4 046

Post-fishing, the boys went golfing and I headed up to Pine River with Mom and Dad for lunch at JR’s No. 19.  I got the ribs and slaw.  Again.

August 2-4 048

I know we’ve been over this a few times already, but if you haven’t already been, you should really go.

Post-lunch, a bit of tanning and a lot of napping.  A round of beer darts in the front yard with the boys and then another pre-dinner outing on the pontoon.

August 2-4 050

Yes, the outfit-repeating strikes again.

As does my long-dormant prowess with the rod and reel (never mind the fact that Billy wouldn’t actually let me cast for myself).

August 2-4 051

I was so hopeful that my luck on the water would translate into luck with a Powerball ticket, but alas, I’ll be headed back to work tomorrow with the masses.


3 responses to “A Weekend on the Water

  1. I think we have some short beer cozies. Will have to mail you one. I sure wish it was 40 degrees here, if only for a few minutes. Holy guacamole, it has been hot!

  2. It’s very cool here in Northern California for August. I love these pictures. And the pink and yellow pull over is epic. It just says “Kat.” Happy vacation and happy end of summer. Can’t believe it. Love,

    Shauna xo

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