Friday Food Round-Up!

So the first part of this week was fairly planned out.  And by fairly planned out I mean that I knew what I wanted to make happen for Sunday and Thursday.  Then I ended up gathering for dinner with a darling friend on Tuesday evening at her place and Marcus headed out-of-town on Wednesday afternoon for an impromptu business trip SO.

There was eating and it was good.

Miscellaneous – Simple Corn-Tomato-Basil Salad from Dinner: A Love Story


This was originally going to be a part of dinner on Sunday night, but then I decided that I wanted to eat corn on the cob and make this a part of this week’s lunches.

Just like last time, we used mint instead of basil because I had purchased a bunch of mint for a recipe we were going to make later in the week.

Sunday – Roasted Chicken Thighs with 4-3-2-1 Spice Rub , Sweet Corn and Dijon Potatoes


You Guys.  This chicken rub?  Phenomenal.  I only made a 1/4 batch (the full batch is for 2 whole chickens) because I wanted to give it a test run before we really committed to pre-mixing anything.  What I can say moving forward is that this rub will be a staple in our home much in the same way that marinating chicken in yogurt works miracles.

Related and unrelated: We still have two bags of chicken thighs hanging out in the freezer.  The stash has been endless, really.

We haven’t made these potatoes in a while, but they really are the easiest and most delicious preparation.  I had forgotten to include any herbs in the initial blending of the mustard/garlic/olive oil so I just tossed some dried tarragon in at the end and it really was just So Wonderful.

Tuesday – Garden Pie


Eli and I have had dinner on the calendar for the last month and this week I brought dinner down to her.

Garden Pie is actually a stalwart of Lindsey’s family’s table and she was so kind to share the recipe with me.  Essentially it is a veggie laden quiche-style arrangement and it us just so wonderful.  I think what really sets it apart is the fact that the crust is a pressed crust made from crushed stuffing mix.  Doesn’t that just sound revolutionary?

Thursday – Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps


That mint we were meant to cook with “later in the week?”  Did not happen.  Such is the way of life.

Since I decided making the original recipe I had planned for this Thursday was too much of a hassle for one person, this was a fairly good back-up plan since I didn’t get to enjoy them last time.

Once again, I didn’t have carrots and I didn’t have bean sprouts and I didn’t have bibb lettuce.  But I did have a romaine heart.  So I would just pull a leaf off of my romaine heart and make what would be more likely considered a lettuce taco than a lettuce wrap.  I can split the difference and live with that.


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