Hansons Marathon Method: Week 8

Weekly Mileage: 38 miles

Total Mileage: 180 miles

Or Week 7, according to The Plan.

What this week’s runs looked like.

07282013 001 07282013 012

I am somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a snap of the humongous moon on Monday morning – it was quite the early AM spectacle.

How my week really felt, based on a conversation I had this week with a sorority sister who is also using the The Plan:

07282013 002

For real.  And yes, I realize that the Hansons’ plan is not as high mileage as what MANY runners run.  But for those members of the group who are more exclusively familiar with marathon training plans that top out at 40 miles, this shit is cray.

The best gift I could have given myself this week was the opportunity to slither into my compression tights on Sunday afternoon.  I’ve been sporting the calf sleeves for the past two weeks and I don’t know why it never occurred to me that maybe I should be doing a little bit more.

Anyway, I will probably be living in those for the next 10 weeks.  Best investment I made while I still had the instructor discount at The Running Room.

One small perk of being Up North this weekend (despite the chilly temperatures)?  Cold lake temperatures.

Ice Bath of Convenience For The Win, people.

07282013 013

Give me gas station coffee and slap a scarf on me.

Yes, I know I wear that damn top all the time.  A bit of backstory: It’s a Brooks top with the Twin Cities Marathon logo on the back.  The first year I ran the marathon (2011) I really wanted to buy one.  I wanted one of those tops more than most all of the clothing in my closet.  But I am also deeply superstitious about race apparel and believe that it’s inappropriate to own or wear such garb prior to finishing.

So last year, when I went to grab my packet at the expo, I was hell-bent on getting one of those tops because I Had Already Earned It.  Quite possibly moreso than I was on getting my bib for the actual race.  Basically we are inseparable at this point.  I will not be ashamed.


2 responses to “Hansons Marathon Method: Week 8

  1. Girl you rock. That is all I can say. Hek yeah to moonlit early morning runs. Too cool for school.

  2. Do you have the wake up at 2am famished events?

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