North Again

That I love the cabin is no secret.  It is one of, if not my most relaxing place.  And last summer it was such a blessing that I was able to spend a full week up there in addition to the odd weekend.

Obviously there was absolutely no chance that was going to happen this year with the amount of time I’ve taken to travel elsewhere.  So I want to say that at the beginning of May, I went through my calendar and wrote down every single weekend that I was going to (1) be in the state this summer and (2) did not have any wedding-ish plans.  And from there, my Mother, Aunt and I sifted through those weekends and put together a bit of a schedule for the summer.

To put it into perspective: I have been home three weekends this summer.  I have been gone for six.  It has certainly been a different summer, but so far it has also been a blissful one.  Even if I am trapped in an endless cycle of packing-unpacking-repacking.

This year, to me, it is perfect.

So on Friday afternoon, we decamped once more.

Big news: Karat hit 100,000 miles on the drive up.

07282013 003

Yes, I realize Karat is probably a super-trashy name for a car, but it’s gold and I’ve never felt the urge to give my car some sort of…lady name.

Once we got up, I set to work actioning some Buffalo Chicken Dip and pressing the camo koozie into action.

07282013 004

It really might be the best investment I’ve made this summer.

This weekend was less-than-ideal weather-wise (50-60 degrees and crisp) which was great for running but not much else.  Mom and I ended up having to layer-up in the porch to watch the sunset.07282013 006

07282013 005

We also got the chance to sort through all of the snaps I took in Paris.  I’m sure most people would have gotten the chance to share those…months ago, but this is just how the timing worked out.

While I was running on Saturday morning, Marcus and Sharon went fishing (snap c/o Uncle Steve).

07282013 016

They both caught one Bass each and Marcus caught a tiny Northern.  I’m hopeful that this bodes well for his annual fishing trip.

Saturday lunch brought us to JR’s No. 19 II BBQ+Tacos in Nisswa (we visited the Pine River location earlier this summer).  Yes, it’s a little bit strange that this establishment has taken root in The North, but who am I to ask questions?

07282013 007

In case you couldn’t tell, the ribs were mine (I have a deep and unabiding love for ribs).  Marcus got the 1/2 chicken, Mom ordered the Taco Pulled Pork Nachos (which we all mostly ate) and Dad got the Taco Pulled Pork Sandwich.

If you’re in the area (Pine River or Nisswa), go.

Following that feast, I took the nap that I should have taken hours earlier.  Perhaps it’s better that I went the late-afternoon route because post-nap, Sharon helped me catch-up with one of her famous Bloody Marys.

07282013 008

The one Uncle Doug actioned me last weekend was 11/10 as well. I could get used to a life like this.

The koozie made another appearance and we celebrated the retirement and birthday of a longtime neighbor.

07282013 009

Pretty much, when we’re Up North, we just say Yes.

And when the day could not be lived any more fully, we painted the sky.

07282013 010

This one was actually worth leaving the warmth of the cabin for.

Between the partly cloudy skies and the wildfire situation in Canada, we have been blessed with some incredible sunsets this year.  This weekend was no different.


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