Birchbox: July 2013

Why, hello Birchbox.  This parcel showed up on my doorstep not a day after we had gotten home.

Good timing, really.

Box 1

Another month, another meaningless theme.  I think this one was supposed to do with being career women or something.

You be the judge of whether or not this box did the trick.

Box 2

In the box: Color Club in London Calling, Caudalie Divine Legs, ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick, Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream, Birchbox Bobby Pins

So, um, no.  Unless free bobby pins are the exclusive domain of professionals the world over.

What really matters: there was more nail polish.  I should probably be ashamed by how exciting I find these tiny bottles to be.  But I have loved all of them and they have always been new-to-me colors that I had not yet grabbed in the store.  Also: Color Club is just a bit swankier than Revlon.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the ModelCo lipstick.  Bold colors are hard to “guess” on.  This one actually works with my skin tone.

I haven’t used the Caudalie cream yet, but I am certain that after I use the one application they sent me, it will become very apparent that it was made with unicorn tears or something insane like that.  This is just the name of the game with all things Caudalie.  Those people mean business.


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