Hansons Marathon Method: Week 7

Weekly Mileage: 39 miles

Total Mileage: 142 miles

Snaps 723

Before we get into it, can I just say that I have been so very lucky for the past month where running scenery is concerned?  I love training at home and I love the loop I run when I am there.  It is the best.  But for the past four weekends (and the next one will not be any different) I’ve gotten to go on excellent runs in excellent places.  Like Reykjavik and Munich and Crosslake.  That the path I run on at the cabin is the leader on the monotony board (4 runs!) with Reykjavik a close second (2 runs!) is quite telling of how very through the looking glass we are with marathon training this year.  It is heart-filling.

I ended up deciding that the best course of action this week would be to repeat Week 6.  The mileage for weeks 6 and 7 is identical so the main driver behind this was that the weekend runs were both 8 miles instead of 10 miles and 6 miles.  Moving forward, I will drop a week from the plan prior to taper, but determining which week that is will be something I figure out at a later date.

I think what was most shocking about this week’s mileage is that 39 miles is probably the highest weekly mileage I hit during my training for the Paris Marathon and this is only…the 7th week I’ve been training.

So, I’m really proud of me this week because in the world of Kat Runs This, that is a lot of miles.

See also: My total ignorance in this area lead directly to me getting smacked upside the head with Runger because once you get over 30 miles, it really is Eat All The Things All The Time.  I’m making plans to add a few more quality snacks (greek yogurt, fruit, nuts) to my day to keep the calories up and the amount of crap down because we all know that left to my own devices it would be all beer and frosting all day.

From a physical standpoint, my feet are sore (running on a dead pair of shoes for two days did a number on my right achilles) but not unmanageably so.

If my body is going to fall apart, based on the mileage we are now at, it will do so in spectacular fashion in the next week or two.

The best I can do to stay in the game is to continue with the yoga (I’m now going for six days a week) and keep my slow runs at a truly slow pace (1:00 – 2:00 off of race pace) to use them as recovery runs.  I can’t say that I have a great deal of experience in this area (recovery runs) but I’m interested to see how it works out in the bigger scheme of things.


One response to “Hansons Marathon Method: Week 7

  1. I like frosting and milk. Nice big spoon, standing in the refrigerator door where the girls won’t see/yell at me. Straight from the can. Oh yeah, From the can.

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