Daily Archives: 07.21.2013

Summer Without End

What to say about this weekend. I think the snaps tell the story (and I apologize if you follow me on Instagram and have already seen all of these in some incarnation).

The weather was perfect in a Summer Without End-sort of way. It was exactly as relaxing as I had hoped and there was not a single moment that passed where I wasn’t thanking God for the fact that we are able to have all of this. This retreat. This peace. This time.

Snaps 687 Snaps 688 Snaps 699 Snaps 701 Snaps 712 Snaps 715 Snaps 730Snaps 741

As always, there was pizza at Zorbaz. Gas station coffee. Early morning long runs. Lots of boating (and a healthy amount of beer as well). Sleeping eight hours a night. Reading on the deck. Watching the hummingbirds fight over the bird feeder. Feasting on from-scratch Coconut Cream Pie and my favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream. Napping in the sun. Dangling my feet in the water off of the dock. Watching the sun set. Listening to the eagles shriek at one another from the trees.

This is the life I love to live.