The Long Way Home


It’s hard to believe we are finally on our way home, only because the beginning of our trip feels as though it was forever ago.

It may also have something to do with the fact that we left Madrid at 11:25 PM on 7/13 which effectively turns this day, July 14 into something like a 30 hour one. Time travel, people. It’s happening.

So. We have survived backpacking through Europe (verdict: I am great at packing for it and terrible at actually doing it – wearing the thing is like strapping a dementor to your person) and running with the bulls.

And in about nine hours we will be back in Minnesota.

As we soaked in the Blue Lagoon this morning (thank you 18 hour layover!), I ruminated on all of the things that will be Different upon arrival.

I am desperately looking forward to a joyful reunion with vegetables, my hair dryer, La Croix, nail polish (seriously, my mitts + paws have been bare), our patio, pavement.

I will very much miss sleeping eight hours a night because we are exhausted, working on our own schedule and our bodies don’t know what time it is anyway. Jamon iberico. German beer. Effectively designed public transportation systems.

I can’t wait to go through all of the snaps and show y’all what we have been up to for the past two weeks.

Until then, looking forward to a Chipotle Burrito Bowl for dinner and my own bed to sleep in tonight.


3 responses to “The Long Way Home

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures that you have posted. It looks like you had a once in a lifetime experience. May it stay with you and M for all your days. Safe journey and good battle with the time zone adjustment.

  2. Looking forward to reading more about your travels!

  3. Amen to Chipotle and your own bed. Can’t wait to hear more. Love,

    Shauna xo

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