Travels Past: Montreal

It only seems appropriate, that I should continue the declutter of Travels Past while we are busy cavorting across the European Continent once more.

For example: Montreal.  For all I have taken the time to discuss was That One Run Where I Bought Really Excellent Pastries Halfway Through.

What we all took away from that: If you’re going to buy baked goods on the run, get them to triple bag your bag, because by the time you’ve finished the run, you will have very nearly shredded the thing with your death grip and all of that.

So.  Last fall we went to Montreal.  Amongst les feuilles d’erable.  Because Marcus was there on business and we had enough frequent flyer miles for me to travel there for free.

How excellent.

Marcus rolled his eyes, I got overly enthusiastic about visiting Faux France.  It will be like practice! I told him.

I Kayaked a place for us called Chateau Versailles.  It was just beautiful and the location was great (not to mention there were turndown chocolates).  We would definitely stay there again if we were visiting the city.

We visited Musee des Beaux-Arts where I got to see one of Monet’s paintings from the cliffs in Northern France for The First Time.

We trekked down to the St. Lawrence Seaway to watch the water come together as it winds towards the Great Lakes.  This has always been a life list-type activity for me since we in Minnesota live at the very opposite end of the seaway.  Lake Superior is the terminal point.

We stopped by Notre-Dame Basilica and its smaller counterpart St. Patrick’s Basilica to view the stained glass.

Notre Dame

We wandered through the Jardin Botanique de Montreal and past the Parc Olympique.

Jardin 1 Jardin 2 Jardin 3Parc Olympique

Since it was fall, we only saw late blooms, but we were still able to appreciate the full majesty of their water gardens.  I can only imagine what it must look like in mid-summer.

We visited more than our fair share of brewpubs while we were in the city (it was quite the scene and they all blended together).  But the most thrilling thing we found to feast upon were some dumplings in Chinatown.

Mai Xiang Yuan was to die for.  The only thing you can order on their menu are dumplings.  We ordered the pork and coriander dumplings as well as the curried beef dumplings along with a few bizarre small salads (that were something like $1 each).

If you are ever In The Area, go for it.  And do not look back.


One response to “Travels Past: Montreal

  1. You even stopped to smell the roses… 😉 Oh, Faux France, one day I’ll meet you!

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