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One Kitchen, Many Hearts: Picnic

OKMH 2013

Top Row:  Allison , Beka & JeanneCenter: Moi & Kirsten, Bottom Row: Madelyn & Megan.

You know what is just the greatest?  When you’ve finished cleaning up dinner, have a bit of a hankering for dessert and you know that if you just walk down to your mailbox, dessert will be In The Mailbox.

No, really.  In The Mailbox.  You should try it sometime.

This month’s theme?  Was not Mailbox Mealtime, but rather Picnics.

I have mixed feelings about picnics because even though I love the food and the ritual of packing and unpacking the basket, I really hate sitting on the ground (there are bugs, it’s not terribly comfortable).

This month’s box came from Allison who spends much of her life channeling the Road Runner in scorching hot Arizona.  We already knew that she gets me.  But You Guys.  She gets me.

The first thing I pried out of this veritable treasure chest was Pixie Dust from Allison’s darling daughter, HRH.

Magic Dust

That’s how I knew we were getting into some serious business.  I immediately spirited it away to the place where I stash all of my bibs/countdown Post Its/drop bags because I know that it will be appropriately at hand when I need it.

And continuing in that vein, this.


Which is now a part of my running shrine at work.  Because it is The Greatest Thing.

But like I mentioned before, we were supposed to be picnicking.  Right?

The Mix

In the mix: San Tan Brewing Pineapple Wheat Beer, Cocoa Almonds (!), Dried Mangos (where have these been all of my life?!), Cat Treats (for The Tiny Fang from his Arizona cousin, Holden), The Snail, The Pixie Dust, a set of 6 Fruit-Patterned Napkins (as you can see, one made an excellent base for this spread) and…PINA COLADA HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS.

But seriously, if your idea of a picnic includes beer and marshmallows, then I AM SO YOUR GIRL.

I am not ashamed to tell you that as of press time (I’ve had this box for approximately a week, the mango and marshmallows have left this Earth and the Cocoa Almonds are well on their way.

Thank you Allison for such a wonderful box – to say that I love it sick would be the understatement of the century.  Next time I’m in town, let’s picnic together, kay?