America, The Road Trip: Savannah and Jacksonville

Savannah and Jacksonville.  The end of our trip.  They’re combined together because we barely did anything while we were in Jacksonville, and Savannah was a bit of a whirlwind as well.  It was time for one more wedding and then a trip back to The North.

The Food.



The first night in Savannah, we struck out twice trying to find dinner before we landed at this place.  I’ll be honest, I have been more enthusiastic and more pleasant in my life than I was on this hunt (having dinner plans foiled is frustrating, y’all!) but once we sat down here, I was in a happy place again.

The prices were super-reasonable (I want to say our meals were something on the order of $10 each).

The Lady and Sons

Lady and Sons

Before that whole Paula Deen Is A Racist-thing came to light, I was going to tell y’all about how we really did have a wonderful meal here.  How excited we were to visit and what a great thing it was that they now take reservations and we made ours about six weeks out.

But, I cannot in good conscience, tell you to patronize that establishment ever, so there’s that.

World of Beer

World of Beer

World of Beer is apparently, a chain.  This was shocking to me as most establishments with tap lines this numerous and such a wide bottle selection are local-sort of places.

Apparently their size is what allows them to have the extensive tap variety that they do, or so it seems.  We were able to drink from the West Coast to the East, from Tyranena in Lake Mills, WI to local Georgia breweries.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that Savannah allows open containers, so we grabbed more than one “Go Cup” during our visits here.

The Things.

We did a lot of walking in Savannah.  Down by the waterfront, through the squares.  The reason we were in the city is for a wedding, so we really only had about six or seven hours to see the city on Saturday.

Savannah Savannah 2

The Forrest Gump Bench

Chippewa Square

Apparently Forrest Gump was filmed in Savannah.  You know those bits where he is sitting on the bench for the entire film?

That was in Chippewa Square.

The bench is actually in a museum in Savannah now, which baffles me, because I feel like the effect of having it or a replica in that place would be much better than that of flowers.  But you make do with what you have.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Girl Scouts

If you are a Girl Scout (like me) or like old houses, this is an excellent place to visit.  I dismissed the men and Michelle for this visit because I knew that for them it would probably be more tortuous than anything else and I didn’t want to take this tour with prisoners.

What I didn’t know before my visit is that this home has the largest collection of original furniture in the Southeast.  Meaning: The only things not original to the home are the drapes and the carpet.  Having seen enough historic homes filled with replicas or lacking any furniture at whatsoever in places, this was a real treat.

Kingsley Plantation

Plantation Plantation 2

Even though we knew we had to drive down to Jacksonville in order to get to the airport and get home, we had no idea what we were going to do when we got there.  Thank God for Trip Advisor.  Really.

After driving through a forest that more closely resembled the set for a jungle-themed Lifetime movie, we found ourselves in the middle of an honest-to-God riverfront plantation.  It was just a perfectly sunny day and I would have done anything to trade places with one of the people boating down the river!

One of the NPS Rangers was giving a tour while we were visiting, so we joined on for about 20 minutes or so before we had to be on our way again to the airport.


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  1. I love reading your road trip recaps!

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