Bake Sale for Beka

Today marks the beginning of the 2013 Bake Sale for Beka!


What to say…

…Simply put, Our Girl Beka suffers from Crohn’s Disease.  And basically it is The Worst.  She is running her first half-marathon and is raising money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

So 30 odd bloggers got together to throw a virtual bake sale to help her raise money to research and fight this awful plight.

While we all know that I have somewhat patchy-abilities when it comes to baking, I am definitely a crouton maker of epic proportions.

So I donated a batch of these beauties to the sale.


While I can’t say that they’ll clean your house for you, I can tell you that Marcus eats them as a snack because he loves them so, and they transform All Salads into something far better than what you started with.

Also: You will never be able to eat regular croutons from the store ever again.  Sorry I am not sorry about this.

So I hope you’ll click on over and bid!  The sale runs from 7:00 AM PST on June 22 until 8 PM PST on June 23!


2 responses to “Bake Sale for Beka

  1. I want to toss these back like popcorn. Thanks Kat for everything. You’re a gem and I luv ya.

  2. When Drop Dead Winesday happens, can we have some crouton carboloading?

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