Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, a meal on the grill and a meal in the house.  A dinner outdoors on a wonderful summer evening, another dinner spent indoors hiding from the humidity.

Life is all about balance.

Monday – Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken, Spicy Oven Fries and Simple Corn Tomato-Basil Salad from Dinner: A Love Story


This dinner was a blend of the old and the new.  We have marinated chicken using yogurt before, but not this recipe.  We have actioned corn and tomato salads before, but not using this recipe.

The oven fries?  We have made these before.  Using this recipe.  And the spice blend is superb.

Since we are still working our way through the cheap chicken thighs, I just pulled the skin off of these before I popped them into the marinade (so: thaw-remove skin-marinade).  Otherwise, the recipe directs you to action this mess using chicken breasts.  Also fine, but we work with what we’ve got.

The corn salad did not call for mint, but for some reason I felt compelled to add it to our grocery list again this week, so we tossed a handful of that into the salad to give it some depth.

Thursday – Ground Turkey Yakitori from Real Food with Brown Rice and Roasted Broccoli


There is one more recipe from this tear-out that is some manner of campfire chili, so for all practical purposes, we’ve made it to the last of the Recession-era recipes from my 2009 Real Food adventure.  To their credit, these recipes have been inexpensive, fairly easy to make and delicious.

This meatball-mix turned out vastly better than our last foray, likely because of the cornstarch and the egg.  So I think it’s safe to say that this feast was at least partially educational.

Marcus was a major fan of the soy-lemon-ginger glaze that we coated the patties in once they were cooked and I’ll be second in line to say that it was to die for.



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