Escaping for a bit.

The Lake

As I drove home from work on Friday, I realized that last week was a week I survived.  Work has been relentlessly busy since we got back from our trip.

And that is all right and good.

But this was a needed break and The Cabin is The Best Retreat.  Always.

I kicked off the weekend with a stop at The Four Firkins for some Surly.  This ended up being an Inspired move because the camouflage koozie that I impulse-bought at the grocery store ended up being for tall cans.


No, I do not have any explanation for why I needed this, but it completes me.  Get excited for the day that I manage to combine it with my Patriot vest.  The two will be an unstoppable combination.

We were so lucky to have perfect weather this weekend.  There was more than enough sun for tanning and boating and relaxing at the end of the dock.

America! 064

There was sunset watching and running and Zorbaz pizza-eating and practicing yoga overlooking the lake.

America! 086

I didn’t originally have any intention of practicing yoga this weekend, but as I was laying in the sun, it seemed like the only choice.  I like to think that the threat of toppling over and into the water really encouraged my ability to balance.

It’s strange, what such a short period of time can do for you when you are in the right place.  But it was So Centering.

On the Dock


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