America, The Road Trip: Fredericksburg, The OBX

This part of trip could also be known more informally as That Bit Where We Went To All The National Park-style Places.

Or That Part Where We Spent Less Than 18 Hours In The OBX And I Could Not Quit With The Pictures.

America! 411 America! 409

Water is my happy place.  We would see more than enough of it once we picked up our rental car and headed out of D.C. and on our way.

The Food.


America! 382 America! 384 America! 385 America! 386

I chose this lunch stop based on the Yelp reviews and after posting a few snaps from our visit, Dawn confirmed that Allman’s is in fact, the place to go if you are anywhere near the area.

And if that wasn’t enough, this was the kind of restaurant where the bathrooms were out the door and around the back of the building.

Talk about establishment.

We both had pulled pork sandwiches, we shared the slaw (especially captivating) and beans.  It’s hard to say which part was my favorite because all of it was just so on point.

Tortugas Lie

Fact: If you are headed to the OBX, everything closes between 9-10.  Which is mostly fine except for when you have a full day of driving/sightseeing and you don’t know that you’ll be pulling in until 8:30.

Thankfully Tortugas Lie was still open.  It was local sushi night, so we couldn’t try their steam pots, but that did open the door for us to try a lovely crawfish dish, a whole pile of conch fritters and a plate of cornmeal-crusted soft shell crabs.

The Things.

Mount Vernon

America! 374 America! 381

So really, this is outside of D.C., but it was our first stop once we had the rental car in our possession.  And it was on the way.

General Washington’s home probably should have been on Our List from the beginning because it is a place that you should visit at some point if you are an American.  But it wasn’t.

Anyway, don’t make the same mistake that we did, forgetting about Mount Vernon.  The film in the Visitor’s Center was quite interesting (and featured a brief presentation by Pat Sajak in revolutionary-garb).  The grounds, as they have preserved the farming aspect of the estate, are wild and beautiful.  The home is overrun by enthusiastic “interpreters,” and yet at the same time it all feels very serious.  While we were only there for about two hours, I can very easily see how one might spend the entire day there.

Fredericksburg Battlefield

America! 393

The Battle at Fredericksburg took place over four different fronts, but the visitor’s center is conveniently located at the smallest site where the majority of the action took place – Marye’s Hill.  For this we were incredibly thankful because we truly only had an hour to spend in this place.

We were able to watch the 20 minute video ($2 each!), review the collection of artifacts and information at the visitor’s center and then take a walk around Marye’s Hill and the area that allowed us to see different structures, topography, etc.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

America! 437 America! 435

Visiting this memorial was truly the first thing we planned for this trip.  Had my mother not suggested that we see it, we may not have embarked on America, The Road Trip in the first place.  Visiting this memorial also set a driving route that kept us along the coastline rather than inland.  So, thanks for everything, Wright Brothers.

Why we actually needed to go here?  In college, Marcus studied Aerospace Engineering.  So the Wright Brothers?  Are an important point in all of this.

Though we were warned that there wasn’t much to do here by a number of friends, between climbing Kill Devil Hill, looking at the first flight markers and visiting the museum we managed to put an hour to good use.  That being said, if you visit, you really only need to plan on spending an hour here.

Once we wrapped up in the museum, it was time to get out on the road again – we had seven hours of driving ahead of us!


One response to “America, The Road Trip: Fredericksburg, The OBX

  1. Fredericksburg is about 20 minutes from me. I live in a pretty rural area, and Fredericksburg is the place I go. It’s a great place to live near part city/part historical area.

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