Hansons Marathon Method: Week 1


Weekly Mileage: 13 miles

Total Mileage: 13 miles

The first portion of the Hansons Marathon Method is dedicated to mileage building.  There is no speed training whatsoever and all of your runs are meant to be logged at what is a comfortable and slow (ideally 1:00-2:00 minutes per mile slower than MP) pace.  The idea here is that you’re meant to get some time on your feet and condition your tendons/bones/muscles for the work that is to come.  I’ll be working through this phase for the next four weeks (it is a five week phase).

Just imagine these first five weeks as the last time that my body will feel any semblance of normalcy.

This plan actually starts on a Thursday, which is…different.  And National Running Day was on Wednesday, June 5 (which I deemed to be a rest day in the course of my week).  So you know, that was pretty magical.

But they’re also operating under the assumption that You Are Already Running, and so the day of the week that you officially begin training on should not matter.

For Week 1, the plan specified 10 miles in total which is not dramatic or glamorous.  I ended up logging 13 miles over the course of the week because I did a Tuesday run as well, which was prior to the beginning of All Of This.  And, I have not had the luxury of running 15 miles/wk consistently for the past month or so.

I’ve said it once, and I will probably say it a thousand more times over the course of the next 18 weeks.  Overtraning never ends well for runners.  No one is lucky enough to be the exception to the rule.  Nagging injury is The Worst.

I’ll be foam rolling extensively and engaging in a 5x/week AM yoga practice to try and keep everything In Order through race day.


2 responses to “Hansons Marathon Method: Week 1

  1. This sounds so great. I’m taking all of the advice for my 5k. I am excited for you Kat! Good luck and praying your feet stay happy for you… 🙂 Much love.

    SHauna xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Cheering for you from here – don’t worry; we’ll be reminding you to not overtrain as much as we can. I’m looking forward to hearing about this new training plan.

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