18 Weeks

My total post-marathon mileage for the months of April and May was something along the lines of…25 miles or so.

It was a case of, You Will Hurt Yourself If You Train For A Marathon Almost Exclusively On A Treadmill.

Or en francais, C’est La Vie.

My foot is feeling (mostly) better.  I think for tendonitis, beyond a lot of rest, it’s a lot of throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks.  Which for me, this go round (since I had two months to burn) has also been the re-incorporation of regular yoga.

But we all know that I am also extremely guilty of the sin of overtraining.  This is something I solemnly swear I will never ever repeat again considering how the recovery process has impacted my running over the last year (See also: The Grandma’s Marathon Debacle of 2012).

Just call me a cautionary tale.

I didn’t start writing about running today to recount the many ways in which I have waged unnecessary war on my poor feet and legs.

I decided to write about running today because there are only 125 days left until The First Sunday in October, which means that we must be 18 weeks out from the Twin Cities Marathon.


And so it begins once more.

Through my last four marathon starts, I have come to the point where I’ve determined that on the whole, it is either high mileage that is destroying my body or it is The 20 Mile Run.

And since I am now at the luxurious point where I can experiment with marathon training, I’ve decided to give the Hanson-Brooks Marathon method a go.

Hansons Marathon Method

I’ve been reading different articles about it here and there for the past few years but never bothered to go any further than that because I really didn’t have any reason to.

What it is: high mileage.  Running six days a week.  BUT.  Your longest run is only 16 miles.  You do a lot of slow running.

This will either make me into a stronger, faster, much healthier runner or my body will be way more busted than it was before we started.

This training cycle will not be without its own challenges – I will be out-of-town for two and a half weeks in July (more on that in another post) and gone for a number of weekends.

But I really want to give this plan an honest-to-goodness go because unless you are a hermit, there is never a Best Time to train for a marathon.  There are better times and there are worse times, but considering the fact that I trained for Twin Cities the first time around with our two-week honeymoon in the middle, this is really par for the course.

I know that I’ve been a little bit lighter with the running posts through my last two starts, but since I really want to be able to remember how this all works out, I am bringing back Marathon Mondays.

I know y’all were missing them terribly.  😉


4 responses to “18 Weeks

  1. Best wishes for an enjoyable 18 weeks.

  2. I don’t run marathons, but would this book be good to read to train for any race? I am curious. Excited for Marathon MOndays!!!! Love you Kat!

    Shauna xo

  3. Since today is the day I plan to register for the TC, I look forward to your updates. 🙂

  4. Looking forward to how the Hansons Marathon Method works out for you! I’m a week into their beginner plan–feels odd running such low mileage a couple weeks after a marathon (even taking into account proper rest), but I suspect that is for the best.

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