TC 1 Mile Race Recap

Last Thursday night was the Twin Cities 1 Mile.  Weekday race day, what?

01 TC1

Yes, I wore shorts.  Because as it stands right now, the 1 Mile is the only time of year that I’m willing to sacrifice function for fashion and run in shorts.

Yes, I wore a fleece-lined top.  Because even though last year it was something like sunny and 90, this year it was 50, overcast and windy.

But back to the race itself.  What’s the deal?  We are adults and not a high school track team.

The best way I can describe it to you is that (1) it’s an excuse to run down Nicollet Mall, (2) about 1,000 finishers get guaranteed entry into the 10 Mile in the fall which is a competitive lottery-only race (3) post-race everyone sets-up camp at one of the bars on the mall (Nicollet Mall is not a road that is open to regular traffic) so that you can watch pros run.

In short, it is very…festive.

And I was running why?  For the hell of it, really.

When I say that I had ZERO GOALS for this race, I am Not Kidding.  ended up DNS-ing the Get in Gear 10k a couple of weekends ago so I honest to God just wanted to run a pain-free mile.  Surprise-surprise, I’ve been battling tendinitis again.

The obvious inscription.

02 TC1

After running a bit of a warm-up with Dannon (we drove down together from Plymouth) we promptly ran into Carrisa, who was the mastermind behind this year’s Derby.

03 TC1

It was The Business.

And then proceeded to run into all of the other big names.  Like Kingsbury and his ultramarathoning running partner, Megan.  We’ve tweeted back and forth enough that it was really just…time.

Since some members of our little running party actually had race goals, about five minutes before race-time we wove to the front of the corral where we found quite a few members of the Minnesota R.E.D. running club (AKA Ben and His People) as well as Hannah.

We took a moment for a pre-race photo-op.

04 TC1

And then, as always, we were off.

The result?  7:41.3 for a PR! My old mile PR was from high school (!) and it was 7:43.  There was zero thinking and only doing.  I know that there are a lot of runners who eat that time for lunch on a daily basis, but all things considered, I am VERY proud.

Pretty much everyone we were running with shaved some serious time off, so it was fun to be able to celebrate afterward at Brit’s.  Like I said before, the post-race celebration is an essential part of this event.  I think we can all agree hoisin chicken wings and a pint are always the best recovery.

On our trek from the finish line we ran into Hannah again.

06 TC107 TC1

And Angie, who worked some cheering and drinking into her marathon training plan.  That’s commitment to the cause.

Once we arrived, we got down to business and settled in to watch the pros run.

08 TC1

And Ben engaged in some compulsive picture-ruining.  I like to think that the black and white filter made him look especially terrifying.  😉


5 responses to “TC 1 Mile Race Recap

  1. Awesome time! Just say NO to tendinitis…

  2. I’m so glad there are some one mile races out there. Good job on your time! Guess what I am running my first race. It’s going to be a FiveK. And, I’m doing it because there is this girl that goes to church with us and she ran it last year in 22 minutes!!!!!!! Can you believe that? What the heck, I said to myself of course. 🙂 So little ol’ me thinks I want to take on that challenge of trying to atleast keep up with her. So I told her my goal on Sunday about keeping up with her and she looked at me and said, “good luck.” And I thought, “man when you are running under a seven minute mile for three miles straight you can say these kinds of things”, like, “good luck.” Yeah I’m going to need it because I’ve got my mile down to 7min. and 56 seconds and I feel like I’m flying… for Pete’s Sake. What am I going to do? At least I have until August. Haahaha. Love you to pieces Kat. Take care, and so glad you are running and having the time of your life.

    Shauna xoxoxxoxoo

  3. Whohooo! PR! I love your snail inscription. Cute!

  4. Love this post Kat! You had an AMAZING race! Despite the weather, Minnesotans came out and showed Mother Nature who’s boss with all these PR’s and course records! So glad I got to see you before hand too!

  5. Congrats on the PR! Glad to hear you saw so many fantastic peeps and had a good time!

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