#Closet Safari: Ready for Summer

Two weeks ago, I showed-off dresses.  This week, the summery-stuff I snagged at the JCrew Outlet (online).

Last summer, I don’t remember buying much.  I mean, I know I did buy some things here and there.  But not hoards of stuff.  Which is fine, because even in the summer the majority of your waking hours are spent behind a desk, under fluorescent lights.

Fact: the only tanks I have are some ancient (read: five year old) Abercrombie ones that are just 11/10 for layering but don’t really scream I Am 25 Years Old.  I will wear them until they disintegrate.

I absolutely adore the red shorts that I sourced at the Banana Republic Outlet four years ago at their day after Thanksgiving sale for $10.  They were a true steal and cute as hell.

So bright colors are pretty much an internalized vision board and a valid place to work from.

Shirt Shorts 1 Shorts 2 Skirt Sweater 1 Sweater 2 Tank 1 Tank 2 Tank 3 Tank 4

I love color blocking.  I hate garments that do the color blocking for you.

Also, can I just say that the amount of glee I got out of purchasing pink shorts was far higher than the amount of money I spent on the shorts ($22.50).

The amount of glee I got out of wearing those pink shorts?  Definitely significantly larger than the amount of money I spent on them.

Now, all I need is a CRV that is packed for a cabin trip, and I’ll be happy as a clam!

What are you sourcing for spring?


4 responses to “#Closet Safari: Ready for Summer

  1. I just purchased turquoise shorts with coral-colored seahorses on them. I… don’t even know what will happen when I wear them.

  2. When you’ve lost 15 lbs since the previous summer, those ADORBS aqua shorts from Gap that made you feel all sorts of sexy last July? Yeah, they don’t fit. Which is all to say, I’m sourcing everything all over again. Ideas appreciated.

  3. What spring?

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