My Life On Sun

This tweet from @m3ggiesue perfectly explains my weekend.


I spent the better part of Saturday on my deck in a swimsuit.  I spent a not-insignificant part of Sunday on my deck in a swimsuit.

I am sunburned as hell and my blonde hair is finally, exuberantly, rejoining the group for good.

I did my mitts and paws.

We went on a double date to The Harriet Brasserie (run, don’t walk if you live in MSP!).

I ordered the burger which was just delightful (and according to the City Pages is the best in the Twin Cities) and a piece of Tres Leches Cake to-go on the recommendation of Heavy Table.

Tres Leches

Best decision.

We celebrated an 80th birthday downtown and ate cupcakes.

In short, everything this weekend was The Best.

It’s kind of like, this is your life…On Sun.


One response to “My Life On Sun

  1. Um Yeah. My hubby will be all over the “best burger”. And Tres Leches cake? One of his faves.

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