One Kitchen, Many Hearts: Spring Break

OKMH 2013

Top Row:  Allison , Beka & JeanneCenter: Moi & Kirsten, Bottom Row: Madelyn & Megan.

This month, a pastel-packed whirlwind from Miss Jeanne. Spring has all but avoided coming this year, so these colors were soothing in the midst of…more snow.

Even adults need a spring break.  Right?  Right.

Translation: I sort of like to believe that the arrival Jeanne’s box had something to do with spring finally springing.

I owe you, sister.  Because you knew exactly what I needed and when.

That’s the point of friendship, right?  To catch one another and to build one another up?

If so, than this month my heart is full.

Without further adieu, unpacking the loot.

In the spirit of The Great Mouse Capade of 2013, somehow this little lady hitchhiked her way up here.

Picture 012

Jeanne claims she went willingly, but it’s always hard to tell.  😉 But she is perfect and probably my favorite thing on earth now.  Maybe you didn’t notice this before, but there is a tiny Eiffel Tower tucked into her posy because She Is Parisian.  Bienvenue!

I uncovered a treat I could share with Marcus: Zombieland.

Picture 008

AKA Emma Stone before she was…Emma Stone.  I am A Major Fan.

She actioned me a batch of Carrie’s Cadbury Mini Egg Blondies which are to die for.  One went into my mouth immediately.  Make them for everyone you love.

Picture 020

I think what makes bars feel fancy is when they are Tall.  These = definitely tall.  Also, they are a great alternative use for Cadbury Mini-Eggs, which I know we all have a deep and unabiding love of.  If you don’t like Cadbury Mini-Eggs, we cannot be friends.

She also shipped up some proper Cadbury Caramel Eggs and some mini Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Picture 009

I had never eaten a Cadbury Caramel Egg before so when I bit into one for the first time, it was pretty much the happiest moment of my entire life.  Because Cadbury Caramel Eggs are basically miniature Caramello bar.  Also made by Cadbury.  I AM SO ON TO THESE PEOPLE.

I happily shared the mini Creme Eggs with my co-workers.  I very quickly un-shared the caramel-filled lot.

You would have done the same.

And look, some nesting bowls.

Picture 014

One sacrificed itself to the cause, but the other two are staking out spots on my dinner table as centerpieces and are soon to be filled with spring flowers.  Stay tuned.

Behold: Grapefruit Marmalade.

Picture 023

Can we all agree that Jeanne could open an etsy store selling jam labels like that?  Good.  Me too.

Homemade preserves are the key to my heart.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that I am a homemade preserves hoarder.  Jeanne suggested that this might go well over brie.  I am nothing if not a follower, so I’ll be taking her up on this recommendation.

And where would we be without sprinkles?

Picture 025

They are now nesting happily in the pantry amongst their kin.  Be still, my heart.  Since it’s not quite appropriate to eat them by the spoonful, I’ll be eating them in spoonfuls of other things.  That will probably be more sprinkle than anything else.

What I failed massively at: Jeanne sent me these beautiful Tiffany blue mini-casserole dishes and some lovely sky blue and lavender Essie polish.  I did not take snaps of them.  Probably because I was busy trying to assume them into my body.

They are Spirit Animal-style possessions.  I always knew that Jeanne “got” me.  But these were really over the top.

Jeanne, thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful box!  It absolutely drove away my winter without end-blues, and set the stage for a perfect (albeit fast!) spring.  Sending so much love to you from the very middle of the 45th.


6 responses to “One Kitchen, Many Hearts: Spring Break

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  2. Wait. Cadury makes a CARAMEL EGG?! How did I not know this? Caramellos are my kryptonite! The nesting bowls are beyond adorable. I can’t wait to see the spring flower arrangements.

  3. When I was a kid, I loved the Cadbury Cream Egg, but as I got older, the cream didn’t work for me. I haven’t had the caramel ones, but I’m loving caramel more and more, so I think that next Easter season I may have to source them and not share.
    Also, Madmoiselle Mouse is adorbs!!!!

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  5. Kat, I’m so happy you loved your box of Spring Fling goodies! As always, it was a mission of pure joy putting it together. You’ll have to let me know what you thought of the marmalade/brie arrangement. Hugs to you on the 45th from the balmy recesses of the 30th. -j

  6. Stop with the cadbury mini egg blondies…basically, heaven.

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