Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, a Smitten Kitchen tribute-tour.  And an all-new recipe tour.

Misc  – Wild Mushroom Tart from The Smitten Kitchen


OR, as I had it in my head, tarte aux champignons sauvages avec une salad verte.

Are we in Paris yet?

What I actually needed to do: Use the pie crust that has been in my freezer SINCE NOVEMBER.

My modifications: I used two cartons of baby bellas instead of the spendy-exotic mix of mushrooms that Deb recommended.  I’m sure they would taste great, but I picked a vegetarian dish for a reason.  Also, in case y’all haven’t picked up on this one, I am picky about cheese.  Not because I hate cheese (I LOVE IT), but if I can’t taste it in a dish and it involves tons of it, then all we succeeded in doing was putting 10 pounds on my ass.  So rather than use a cup of various cheeses in the custard, I added an egg (so three eggs total) and stuck with the 1/4 cup of parmesan to ensure that the cheese flavor that was there was in-your-face.

And now I can eat this without feeling massively guilty.

Tuesday – Roasted Eggplant with Yogurt-Tahini Sauce and Cumin-Crisped Chickpeas from The Smitten Kitchen


In this meal, two firsts for our kitchen: Eggplant (period) and Roasted Chickpeas.

I actioned Deb’s suggested modification of adding some seasoned, ground meat.  After eating this meal once, you can be sure that we will always be actioning it with the meat.  I’m sure that it would be fine without, but I do feel that it made a difference.

Pro tip: Cube the leftover eggplant and mix it with the chickpeas and turkey and reincarnate it over romaine for a few lunch salads.

Wednesday – Baked Potato Crisps with The Works from The Smitten Kitchen


No, we weren’t throwing a party.  Yes, we had some potatoes in the fridge that needed to be used up.

Instead of bacon, I chopped up some turkey pepperoni and tossed it into a hot pan.

Et voila.

Thursday – Leek Fritters with Garlic and Lemon from The Smitten Kitchen


Fritters.  So fun.  So fast.  So good for feasting.

What I did do: Double the fritter batter.

What I didn’t do: Make the garlic-lemon cream because we actioned the suggested soft-fried eggs over the fritters.

What I would do differently next time: Cut the amount of salt in the fritters in half.  So salty!


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