On Spring

Story of my life, it snowed again on Monday evening.  Like enough to seriously disrupt traffic and give us somewhere in the neighborhood of 3″-6″ of snow.

Apparently this is the snowiest April we have ever had.

No kidding.

But after that, Hey Presto! Spring!  By Sunday it’s meant to be 70.  You had better believe that means that I will be getting out the bikini and actioning some tanning time on our deck.

See also: Me having the revelation that there is a direct relationship to the amount of time I spend on the deck and the amount of books and magazines I read.

While Mom and Dad were in Amsterdam, I made a list of every weekend I did not yet have plans for this summer (there were eight) and sent them over so that we could slap some cabin weekends on the calendar.  Four of those weekends survived the first calendaring, so with a little bit of luck, I should be feasting on a Zorbaz pizza and drinking a beer in a little over a month’s time.

Just the thought of being Up North is hardcore centering.


But back to the magic and wonder of our weather in the last 24 hours.

Refer to the snaps below for morning (top) and evening (bottom).




Related-but-sort-of-unrelated: I went hunting for sandals at Target and was deeply disappointed, which is probably the understatement of the century.  The quality is terrible and they’re way overpriced. Where are y’all sourcing cheapo summer kicks this year?


What I’m trying to say is that since the only true Spring day I’ve experienced this year was on April 7, I’m past ready and to the point of needing to be able to give the black tights a rest.

I came home today to fling the windows open so I could air out the house, look at the new buds on the trees and listen to the geese honk at one another.

It feels like spring (might) might finally be here.


2 responses to “On Spring

  1. Whhhooooohoooo! I’ve finally hung up the winter coat I’ve been wearing for SIX MONTHS! 😉

    My husband and I, too, were checking out calendars with summer weekend and plans and it was so weird to be planning when we were still walking in a winter wonderland.

  2. I have a pair of sandals from Old Navy from two summers ago and THEY WILL NOT DIE. They are indestructible. I am heading there soon for more.

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