Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, we ate meatballs.  And it was good.   I didn’t realize that’s what I was craving until after the fact but I think we can all agree that 10/10 times, meatballs are the best choice.

Sunday – Fried Cauliflower with Tahini and Lemony Leek Meatballs from Jerusalem


Fact: These meatballs do not actually appear in the meat section of the book. Because they use six leeks.  Which is, a lot of leeks in our kitchen.

The lemony flavor was so bright and the broth-simmering liquid-turned-sauce was just delightful.  I’m glad that I did decide to go along with the simmering idea rather than rushing the process by finishing them in the pan.

This cauliflower arrangement is not quite as beloved in our house as The Cauliflower Salad that I’ve been eating for the past month or so, but it really is a nice twist.  I don’t know that I used quite as much tahini as the recipe called for (3/4 cup!) because that seemed a little bit insane.  But I used…enough.

Tuesday – Sesame-Spiced Turkey Meatballs and Smashed Chickpea Salad from The Smitten Kitchen


Seriously, this is such a protein tribute-tour that it’s borderline insane.  I still cannot get over how the meatballs taste so reminiscent of falafel balls and yet, they are meat.

Yes, I understand that this defeats the vegetarian intention of falafels.  But this does not deter my unwavering love for this meal.

Wednesday – Flat Roasted Chicken with Tiny Potatoes from The Smitten Kitchen and Garlic Green Beans from Great Easy Meals


It has been a while since I’ve roasted a chicken.  But there are a couple of roasted chicken recipes in Deb’s book and I needed to start somewhere, so this was a good place.  I never did anything with the lemon juice mentioned, and decided on doing tarragon instead of thyme because, really, tarragon is The Business when it comes to chicken.  Period.

Confession: I think tiny potatoes are a racket, so I just bought a bag of Yukon Golds, sliced them thinly, and threw them under the roasting rack.  VOILA.

The green beans were an afterthought, but when all it takes to get them on the table is a bag from the freezer and a combination of cayenne, garlic and butter?  Well, how could you resist, really?


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Love the Friday food porn.

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