#ClosetSafari: Frocking-Up

So the #ClosetSafari continues.

I’ve managed to drag a few old blouses out here and there, but nothing wildly drastic has happened.  I still haven’t dealt with the old skirts that are too long or too big (answer: they need to go to the Goodwill).  But we’ll get there.

Mostly, I’ve discovered that I pretty much love everything that I own, and if I’m on the fence about it, it’s a staple piece.

Golf clap for past Kat buying things that present Kat would want to own, even if the transition from Winter to Spring is hell, and right now I along with every other woman in America hates everything in my closet.

I guess what all of that really means is that purging is at a standstill.

What I can tell you is that I have been in a fight with pants lately.  Not because they don’t fit (they do), but because everything seems like…too much.

So when Loft announced a 40% off sale this morning, I pounced.  Just last week I was wandering Southdale before Jillian and I gathered for dinner, and I was pleasantly surprised by their inventory (the last year or so has just been tiring, fashion-wise).  I promised myself that if they had a sale and I could still remember any of the dresses, then I would buy.

This is a good method by the way.

It goes without saying that I remembered.

My rules for dresses: Pattern-wise, they cannot look like other dresses I own.  I must be able to reincarnate all of them in one way or another for work and synagogue attendance (read: the hell that is outfit planning for the high holidays).

The haul.

Animal Print Dress Wave Dress Blue Dress Red Dress Dot Dress

I’m looking forward to them (and spring!) getting here!  It’s time to frock-up.


2 responses to “#ClosetSafari: Frocking-Up

  1. So Cute!! I especially love the blue ombre wavy one… just darling.

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