DIY Toss Arm Warmers

On race day, I usually end up wearing a potpourri of layers to the start line, that end up getting discarded somewhere between the corral and the 5k.

A personal favorite of mine are the home-baked arm warmers that I action.

So, in the spirit of crafts that really aren’t crafts, a tutorial that I’m hoping at the very least will give you a little laugh.

We begin.

Dig through your husband’s drawers until you find the nicest pair of tube socks that he owns.  Yes, you’re going to throw these away, but it just doesn’t feel right to use socks with say, holes.


Bust out your kitchen shears (or any other scary scissors you own) and make a cut from the toe of the sock to the end of the toe seam.


And once you’ve successfully completed that act once, action it again.

Et voila.


DIY toss arm warmers.  From me, to you.


2 responses to “DIY Toss Arm Warmers

  1. This is brilliant!

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