On Mousing OR That One Time Where I Crafted.

A few months ago, Jeanne posted a tutorial on how to craft felt mice.  Read the post and read the story, because her original motivation for mouse-making is truly hysterical.  Not to mention the fact that she does a much better job of sharing it than I ever could.

Well.  Miss Jeanne turned 50 about a month ago.  And as the big day approached, Kirsten rallied the troops so that we could throw her a virtual surprise party.

At first it was all very straightforward: We were going to action a variety of eats and drinks and hit the tribute blogging hardcore.

And then it was suggested that in addition to potluck-ing, maybe we could do a craft tribute as well?  Because if you know nothing else about Jeanne, you should know that she’s just phenomenally gifted at all manner of craft.  So that would be fitting, right?

So fitting.

To focus ourselves we decided it could be thoughtful to craft one mouse each using her tutorial.  And then one felt mouse turned into OMG LET’S MAKE 50 OF THEM.


Which is only hysterical and wonderfully tender because 90% of us have never touched a needle before for anything other than hemming.

With a strong acceptance of the fact that we would be stabbing ourselves with needles and swearing for the entirety of the project, we began.  And to keep track of one another, we started tweeting under the hashtags #TMPWatch2013 and #TMPWatch.

Game on.

So I printed off my Michael’s coupons, bought a pillow-sized bag of filler for mouse-stuffing (party-people, let me know if you need to action a throw pillow because I can hook you up) and began my journey into craft.

Which also involved inadvertently giving myself a hot pink weave as I separated embroidery floss strands.

Look.  Weave.


I’m sure it doesn’t take much to believe me when I say that I never thought I would find myself separating embroidery floss into individual threads.  I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that when I did, it ended up in my hair.

Undeterred, I soldiered on.

When I was in oh, about eighth grade, I read the age-appropriate Sweet Potato Queens Book Of Love.  It’s a wonderful story, and y’all should really take the time to crack it open when you get the chance.

As I stitched together the hot pink and pink leopard print mouse pieces, I just knew that each of the mice, just like the Sweet Potato Queens would be named Tammy.

Mouse 4

I’m sure that you agree.

Obviously, these ladies would never roll anywhere without a drink at the ready, so I tossed in a few miniature bottles of booze, to make sure that Jeanne would be able to hold her own with this group.

And with that all sorted, I shipped them off on their permanent spring break to The Lone Star State!

To see the other 43 mice (one gave its life to Beka’s cat in the ultimate sacrifice), please, Please, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  I pinky promise swear you will not be disappointed.


2 responses to “On Mousing OR That One Time Where I Crafted.

  1. I love that you posted this, Kat. I’m still laughing over All The Tammys. I just had the boxes (yes, boxes) of mice out yesterday playing with them again and trying to arrange them in a new typesetting tray I found. This was truly the best surprise birthday gift ever. 50 mice. Never saw it coming. 😀

    Also special to me – the sheer volume of love and sacrifice that went into each creation. The stories of blood, sweat, tears and copious cursing made them even more fun and endearing. You girls are the best. THE BEST!!!

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