Egg Coloring 2.0

Egg coloring is The Best.  Ever.  We were not coloring as a family this afternoon, I would have bought my own kit because it is simply The Happiest Activity.


Even when the eggs are so freshly off of the stove, that you’re basically erasing your own fingerprints when you grab them.

If you’re not coloring with crayons, you’re doing it wrong.


Seriously.  It is Egg Coloring 2.0.

I feel like the older we get, the more mature the subject matter we depict on our eggs is.

Billy and I did not discuss this year’s battle plans before the coloring went down, but our first eggs out of the batch worked a heavy theme.  Marcus on the other hand, opted for something dignified, which actually seemed to unify the message.

Colored Eggs 1

R to L: American Flag, Austin, TX, Kim Jong-Un The Aggressor (Billy: I drew him upside-down so that he would have a larger head.  Unseen: His crew-cut.).

Still working a political slant, Billy and Mom had more to contribute.

Colored Eggs 2

R to L: RIP Hugo Chavez, Fracking Sands (yes, I realize that’s a broad title – I thought it was fetal personhood on first glance), Marriage Equality.

But not everything has to be a current events literacy test.  There were pretty eggs too.

Colored Eggs 3

And then there was Billy’s depiction of LiLo complete with cigarette, that did not quite make the cut.

An hour later, we had laughed so hard that we were sobbing, Mom had attempted to ingest the dye instead of her coffee more than a handful of times, and we called it a wrap.


2 responses to “Egg Coloring 2.0

  1. You always have me cracking up!!! I have been so busy with family, sorry I missed a few posts. Glad you are well and happy,


    Shauna xo

  2. Most impressed with your egg enthusiasm my dear. That reminds me….I have got to go put the chickens in for the night.

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