Scintilla ’13: Day 16

It’s the last day of The Scintilla Project.  I’ve still got a healthy handful of prompts to write on, so they’ll show up from time to time.

Day 16: What would it have been like if your life had turned out the way you wanted when you were a kid?

When I was a kid, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I dabbled with the idea of becoming an oncologist, with no real idea of what that sort of commitment actually meant, as well as a killer whale trainer, if we’re being totally honest.

I never thought about money, or what it would take to make it, or how much of it I would need to live the life that I was accustomed.

When you’re a kid, growing up means freeing yourself of homework and adults and rules.  Period.

This is a universal experience.

I think that there are a lot of people, who would read this prompt, and maybe think about what they didn’t have.  Because it is only rarely that things go according to plan.

And yes, there are things I do not have.

Things I do not have: a massive backyard with a wild garden (Pam’s Gardening School teaches us that it is better to plant flowering weeds than to be forced to weed) and a bright kitchen with a massive granite island.

Oh, and as of late, I’ve been coveting a living room with a full wall of windows facing North.

But then I realized that our living room features a window that occupies the majority of one wall.  That all of the windows on our main floor do, in fact, make our kitchen bright.  And proportionally to our kitchen, we have a fairly large island.

This is the plight of the optimist.  But I also think I’m being honest here.

If I look at what I possibly could have imagined for my adult self as a child, I know that this was not the life I saw.

The funny part about that though, is that day-to-day and month to month, my adult life never turns out the way that I expect it to.

What I will always know For Now: this life of mine and this life of ours is very, very good.


2 responses to “Scintilla ’13: Day 16

  1. I’m so glad that I am not the only one who still has posts to write!
    …and like you I realize that while this life isn’t the one I hazily imagined so many years ago, it’s pretty fantastic. Even when it’s difficult.

  2. Life is never what you expect. When I was a kid, I thought I would spend my adult days on a floating utopian yacht with all my favorite friends….that hasn’t exactly materialized yet….

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