Scintilla ’13: Day 13

The Scintilla Project is winding down.  So for just a few more days, I’ll be writing on the prompts they’ve been e-mailing me.

Day 13: Post a photo of yourself from before age 10. Write about what you remember of the day in the photo. It may not be a full story–maybe just flashes of event and emotion–but tap into the child you were as much as you can.


I am three years old here.

Whether I was preparing to dance in my first recital, or dramatically reenacting what had just occurred on the stage at Central Middle School, we will never know.

For seven years, I took classical ballet, which explains the abundance of spandex and the lack of anything that would resemble Toddlers & Tiaras.

What we do know: Purple was my favorite color, so our costumes were The Best.

My mother did not know how to action a bun, so instead of my bun being at a regular height, it sat straight on top of my head, like some sort of antennae.

Is there really anything else that needs to be told?


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