Friday Food Round-Up!

Let’s just call this week’s Friday Food Round-Up the substitution game, eh?

Monday – Basmati and Wild Rice with Chickpeas, Currants and Herbs and Beef Meatballs with Fava Beans and Lemon from Jerusalem


Originally, this was meant to be a Sunday night dinner.  But family dinner happened, and so things got a little bit…pushed around.

Ottolenghi has yet to disappoint us.  Or to present us with a dish that feels familiar.

As is our custom, we used ground turkey.  Instead of blending rices (too much work for a weeknight), I opted to go with brown, because I knew it would have a chewier texture.  No currants?  Use raisins.  And we pretty much never ever have fresh dill so it’s always safe to assume that we use dry.

Tuesday – Potato Frittata with Feta and Scallions from The Smitten Kitchen


This should come as no surprise, but this recipe called for (drum roll) bacon!  And since we don’t do that here, I knew I needed to find a suitable substitute.  There are some dishes where that salty-cured flavor is a non-negotiable.

So instead, I matchstick-ed up a few handfuls of turkey pepperoni instead.  Obviously that’s not going to be an every-dish solution, but for this frittata-arrangement, it made more than enough sense.

Wednesday – Chicken Teriyaki from Nigella Kitchen with Roasted Broccoli over Rice


List of things that we haven’t made in a while: roasted broccoli, and Asian (though technically Israel is in Asia).

What this also was: a great excuse to use up the two chicken breasts and the two chicken thighs I still had hanging out in my freezer.  Stir fry is always the best and most delicious way to deal with mixed-meat issues like this one.


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