100% Irish for a Day 10 Mile

On Saturday, I ran the Twin Cities in Motion 100% Irish for a Day 10 Mile.

01 Bib

To get into that race day spirit (and because now it is known fact that I prefer to run with my mitts in order), I addressed that situation on Friday with some mint polish.

02 Race Mitts

Am I the only one who is conflicted about whether we’re meant to be into mint or emerald this season?

About a week ago, Angie and I agreed that we would run it together.  The last time that we ran together was One Night In November, so we were EXTREMELY overdue.

Despite our lack of running together, we have been fairly good about getting together for drinks.  These are the important things in life.

She is training for Grandma’s and neither of us had any real aspirations beyond finishing safely so this was The Perfect Plan.

As we walked to Lake Harriet from the Lake Calhoun Executive Building parking lot, between the wind and the rain it became very apparent that our only objective for the day was going to be finishing.

When we got to the start line, we met-up with Amy and Jenelle (one of my sorority sisters!).  Originally, we had this grand vision of  enjoying a pre-race chat by the sweats check.   Instead, we all showed up in the corral with 10 minutes to spare.

Carrisa managed to get this rockin’ shot of the four of us ensemble.  Look.

04 Start Line

Not 30 seconds after this photo was taken, we were walking around a puddle of water that was probably 15 feet long and 3″ deep.

How thrilling.  I think that tells you how our race went.

At Mile 5 or so, Angie and I started Vine-ing.  Because the time to test out micro-vlogging apps is when you’re on the race course.  If you follow me on Twitter, then you should be able to catch that action as it comes.

Things we Vine-d: Mile 4, Our Playlists, The Mile 7 Water Stop and Ang Does A Water Feature.  We were a moving circus on two feet.

To add to the festive feel, I managed to inadvertently shuffle through all of the Sean Kingston on my running playlist.  Which means that I actually have enough Sean Kingston to warrant shuffling through it.

This was news to me.

Sean Kingston and Vine-ing, standing water and brutal wind aside, I crossed the finish line at 1:48:03.

05 Finish Line

For what it’s worth, I will say that this is probably the most put-together finish line snap I have ever participated in.

Angie and I did our best to bring light into the world with our matching headbands and hairbows, but Carrisa was clearly more on-point with her neon infinity scarf.

This bodes well for our spring races.


4 responses to “100% Irish for a Day 10 Mile

  1. gfreerunner

    Ladies, I love the matching TCM headbands!! Thanks for coming out and running with us despite the water features 😉

  2. Wow. What troopers. I would have taken o e peep at that weather and bee lined for the first flight to a tropical island. Sunny and 65 here. Come visit.

  3. Way to rock out the the TC Marathon head band… ! love that thing. Congrats on a surviving the puddle race!

  4. Kat, that is amazing that you lost all of that weight! Good for you and what an example you are to do it the way you did it. You are so funny with the polish and all, whatever works to get you across that finish line.. 🙂 Love ya,

    Shauna xoxox

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