Friday Food Round-Up!

Welcome to what well may be the world’s largest Friday Food Round-Up.  I set it to auto-post every Thursday night (hence it fairly consistently appearing at 3:00 PM CST each Friday) and so if I action anything after that, it rolls into the next week.

Last weekend was rare in the sense that we cooked at home both evenings.  Once because we were entertaining and the other because we actually had food left in the fridge at the end of the week.

What that (plus a snow day) means is that for the first time probably ever, we cooked six nights in a row.

Friday – Braised Beef Short Ribs from Dinner: A Love Story, Smashed Potatoes and Garlic Green Beans from Great, Easy, Meals


I’ve been meaning to make Jenny and Andy’s Braised Beef Short Ribs FOREVER.  So, when I looked on my calendar and saw that Ann and Jay would be coming for dinner, I knew that it was exactly the right time to dust this recipe off.

We used stew meat instead of short ribs because the only short ribs they had at the butcher were frozen solid and LONG.  Not really helpful for our purposes.

This recipe makes a massive amount of food.  As in, you will be able to feed your hungry selves, other hungry people, have some leftovers and a little bit left for the freezer.

The potatoes were fine and an uninteresting foil for the meat, those green beans are a warhorse in our kitchen.  They come out for all occasion.  Your guests likely aren’t expecting the kick from the cayenne, so it can be a nice variation from The Usual.

Saturday – Shaved Asparagus Pizza from The Smitten Kitchen and Warm Cauliflower and Herbed Barley Salad


I feel that shaved asparagus-arrangements appear in a variety of places.  Really, we just had a bunch of asparagus that we didn’t use on Friday night and we all know that I am always ready to make pizza dough at the drop of a hat.  We didn’t have mozzarella or any other sort of soft cheese, so we just rocked the shredded monterey jack blend that had been lurking in our cheese drawer.

Personally, I enjoyed the roasted asparagus flavor, but if I were to action this for The Masses (read: for Marcus or anyone else), I would probably toss some pesto on the base just for kicks.

The Warm Cauliflower Salad was the second salad that I had intended to make about a week ago when I realized that I would be spending the remainder of the week feasting on the leftovers of Salad Number One.  I tore this recipe out of the most recent issue of bon appetit before I went on a purging rampage and tossed out the last two years of magazines that I had been “saving.”

Back to the point.  I have never sauteed cauliflower like this, I have never roasted cauliflower (or at least, I really don’t think I have).  Tossed with the beans, barley, herbs and dressing it was positively wondrous.  Marcus informed me that it would be more than welcome at our table again.

Sunday – Open Kibbeh and Tabbouleh from Jerusalem


AKA The Meal Where We Put Bulgur In Everything.

A few weeks ago, I made kubbeh.  Which was as wonderful as it was time intensive.  So, for those times when you want the spiced meat-dumpling vibe, but you don’t have the time to build a base, reckon with greens, and hand-form dumplings, Ottolenghi suggests this non-traditional dish.

re: Tabbouleh.  I may not be ready to open up a satellite location of Emily’s just yet, but even I was hardcore impressed by the result.

Monday – Slow-Cooker Black Bean Ragout from The Smitten Kitchen over rice with Guacamole


Even though the recipe is photographed over bread, Marcus and I agreed that we would have more fun tearing into this over rice.

What’s more, we ended up with enough beans to freeze some, save some for Tuesday’s dinner, and eat some for Tuesday lunch.

Tuesday – Baked Ranchero Eggs with Blistered Jack Cheese and Lime Crema from The Smitten Kitchen


A word to the wise: This is not a recipe where you should scramble the eggs and try to bake it, like I did.  If you do, your end result will still be delicious, but it will more closely resemble shakshuka-turned-egg drop soup than anything else.

Thank God for garnishes to gloss over everything.

Wednesday – Skillet Rosemary Chicken from Great, Easy Meals


I know.  It has been ages since I’ve dragged a (new) recipe out of this book!  And when I was having meal-planning block, I knew that this was where my dinner problems would be solved.  Because I didn’t want to have to buy more than $5 of additional ingredients from the grocery store and I wanted something that would still feel…nice.

Marcus: This is the most normal meal you have made ever.


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Okay, Kat, your food is starting to look like it’s from a regular five star restaurant!!!! Woah Girl, you are making some great meals. The black bean ragout looks so good. As do the other dishes. You are on a roll!!!

    Love to you,

    SHauna xoxo

  2. Last week was crockpot chili, homemade pesto pasta, and a spicy sausage linguine. Plus salads every night. Little carb heavy, but trying to use up stuff in the pantry. Homemade veggie burgers tonight. Assuming I can get around to cooking the beans…

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