For some reason, in the past few weeks, I’ve found myself in the position of having a closet that is full-to-overflowing with nothing to wear.

At first, I thought it was an It’s Thursday-thing, but then it turned into a Local Affiliate Rolls Into The Today Show And I Should Be Leaving My House But I Am Still Standing In My Closet Not Ready For Work-thing.

(This is going somewhere, I promise.)

I’ve been maintaining my general weight/body shape for probably…three years now?  Which in the grand scheme of things is not very long at all.  But this is probably the most consistency my body has had…ever.

Which means that for the first time since probably high school, I’ve owned most all of my clothing for more than a year.

So my goal for the next month (or maybe two) is to figure out what, exactly, is in my closet.  If it fits.  If it’s tailor-able.  If I even like it.

Exhibit A: This duster I have owned since probably 2007.


I set eyes on it, was ready to toss it into the giveaway pile and then thought twice and put it on.

This is a pretty good way to purge your closet, I think.  Because if you’re unwilling to wear it, then it’s time for it to go.

If I was a better person, I would tell you that I am doing this to save money, or to reduce my ecological footprint or some nonsense like that.

Honestly, I just want to remember what I own.

And maybe, possibly, style a few things in a few new ways.

As we go, I’ll be Instagramming my new ensembles, and for those members of the group that do not roll that way, I’ll upload those photos to The Blog from time to time.


3 responses to “#ClosetSafari

  1. I feel the same way about my wardrobe lately. I love my church dresses though. I wish everyday were Sunday, I would look great all of the time!! But, alas it is not and I too stand in front of so many clothes and think, “what is going wrong.” 🙂 You look so cute. What do you mean maintain? Did you have some problem in the past with your body? I still can’t get over the twenty miles. Amazing.

    SHauna xoxoxoxxo

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