One Kitchen, Many Hearts: 2013

Here we are at the end of the shortest month, which also felt like it was the longest.

Which isn’t to say that it was totally devoid of bright spots.  The beginning of our 2013 #OKMH rotation was a very bright spot.

OKMH 2013

Top Row:  Allison , Beka & JeanneCenter: Moi & Kirsten, Bottom Row: Madelyn & Megan.

This year, we decided that we should embrace Themes beyond regional specialties and our favorite things.  Not because we don’t love them sick, but because they are always themes.

This was an inspired idea because appropriately, our first theme came to be Warming Up.

Obviously we are scattered throughout the country and some of us have snow, while others have sun and rain.  Winter weather is a roll of the dice.

But warmth is something that everyone needs, especially when February rolls around and you are just exhausted by the lack of sunlight.  Sweet potatoes and Vitamin D supplements will only take you so far.

This month’s box came from Beka!

What’s kind of tragic: Beka and I both unknowingly signed up (and got on) winter Birthright trips this year.  Had we taken 10 seconds to talk, sister-friend and I could have spent 10 days in The Homeland together.


But there is No Use in crying over spilled milk.

I was a little bit late in sending of Megan’s package this month, so as a bribe to get it done (slash, claim victory over the post office), I didn’t allow myself to open my box until Megan’s was mailed.  This is the best kind of motivation.

From the department of really wonderful: The three of us had a Facetime Happy Hour on Tuesday night that has been in the works for a month.  We laughed and waved our arms around and talked about all of The Big Things.  It was pretty much The Business.

I would like both of them to move to Minnesota NOW.  Kay?  Thanks.

So. Onto the big reveal.


The note that Beka sent was Too Nice and perfectly encapsulated the fear that I have every time I mail one of these boxes off.  I absolutely adore these ladies and I so badly want to do right by them.  Knowing how much joy I get from them and these cross-country surprises, I want to be So Sure that they receive that same amount of joy as well.


It was as I was unwrapping Beka’s treats that I realized I had completely neglected to wrap OR label Megan’s.  Oops.

Next time.

The treats.  Look.


What a vision of warm!  Beka thought of literally everything.

There were a pair of soup mixes and the serving mugs to go along with them.  If you can’t tell, they have a little caddy-type arrangement attached to the side that is meant to hold crackers or something of the like.  How genius is that?!

Also: Why didn’t any of us think of this?  I feel like this is somewhat along the lines of inventing safety pins.

She was thoughtful enough to include crackers for said soups and caddies as well.  Because we all know that serving soup in those without crackers would be essentially criminal.

She included tea (for the morning times) and hot toddy mix (for the evening times!).  While the two could blend together on the weekend, one of them is obviously going to become a part of my 9-5.  The other one will be relegated to my 5 – …?.

And for the oven, lest any stone be left unturned, she sent scone mix, as well as peach and lavender jam.  I have quite the thing for spreads (it’s something I got from my father…you should see the amount of jam/jelly/butter in my fridge) and a deep and unabiding love of peaches.

This is all-joy.

Most thrillingly (and last but not least!), she stuck a cookbook stand in there.  I wish y’all could have seen how wide my eyes were as I pulled it out of the box.  It was as if The Universe had heard my plea.

Only a few weeks ago, I had been pondering whether or not sourcing one would be worth the investment because obviously we use cookbooks…a lot. I don’t mind the counter space they take up, but sometimes (okay a lot of times), I wish for that foot of space back.  Because my counter is not some sort of Harry Potter counter.

Well, then.

So there it is, and here we are.

Another month and another box marks another year of sharing my life with these women.  The internet is a big place and the world even bigger, but for me, they make it smaller.  And absolutely warmer.


5 responses to “One Kitchen, Many Hearts: 2013

  1. I love that you ladies do this! And love the theme, too.

  2. Way to rock it, Beka! Nothing says winter comfort like soup. Those cracker-toting mugs are too much fun. And the cookbook holder? It’s uncanny how we’ve gotten to the point of reading each other’s thoughts. It’s like we’re psychic sisters. Dionne Warwick would be so proud.

  3. Way to nail it, Beka! Nothing says ‘winter comfort’ like soup, and those soup mugs are perfect. As a cracker lover, they’re essential! I love that Beka instinctively sent the cookbook holder when it was on your mind. Proof of the psychic sisterhood if I’ve ever seen it. 😀

  4. Okay… not sure what’s going on, but I’ve tried to comment 3 times without success. I think Beka nailed this box, since nothing says “winter comfort” to me as much as soup does. I love the cracker-tote bowls! Very clever. And the fact that Beka sent the cookbook holder is just proof that we’ve crossed into the next level of psychic sisterhood. OKMH rocks!

  5. Can’t wait for summer! I am over winter soups and such…but certainly glad you were gifted with so many treats to fend off the icicles.

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