On the weekend.

This really should not be epiphany-worthy, but today I had the revelation that if my Sundays are NOT over-scheduled, the weekend counts as a relaxing one.

Pro-tip.  Right there.

On new places.

Visited World Street Kitchen for dinner last night and noshed on Caramelized Lamb Belly Tacos (I die), a Korean “BBQ” Beef Short Rib YumYum Rice Bowl (for her) and a Rasta Torta (for him).  If you live in Minneapolis, do this for yourself.

On that note, if anyone knows where to buy raw lamb belly or how you would caramelize that, please feel free to share your secrets.

On lazy Sundays.

Did a homebaked brunch with some girlfriends today.  I recorded season two of The Virgin Diaries about seven months ago, and we finally got it off of the DVR.

We actioned Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar (skipping the cheddar) and Green Goddess Grilled Cheese.

Grilled Cheese and Soup

The grilled cheese was truly mindblowing.  We shared one with Marcus and he was so moved as well, so this is not just rabbit food for the ladies.

Run, don’t walk and put it on your meal plan immediately.

Also, know that as I was back-stalking this on The Pinterest, I learned that there is a such thing as  jalapeno popper grilled cheese.  Yes, that is on my newly minted grilled cheese to-do list.

Everyone should have one of these.

On finding time.

Pitch Perfect

I Netflixed Pitch Perfect ages ago and never had the time to watch it.  And when I say ages ago, I mean it has probably been a month and a half.

I’m pretty sure that hanging onto a movie for a month and a half is the opposite of everything that Netflix stands for.   That is neither here nor there.  Today, I finally made the time to watch it.

If you are a glee/Bring It On!/High School Musical-type of person, you’ll adore this.  It was great to see Anna Kendrick sing.  I’m positive that the last time we got to see that is when she was breaking out in CAMP.  Girl has a great voice and she should be in more roles where she gets to use it.

What’s the best movie you have seen recently?

What are your favorite grilled cheese combinations?


3 responses to “On the weekend.

  1. currently watching pitch perfect. i love it so much.

  2. The best movie recently? Hmmmm…………….Mary Poppins. I watched it the other night when I was alone with the girls. That has to be one of theee greatest movies ever. Did you know it’s also a book. And not just one but there are about eight the series. One and two are the best but, anyhow… 🙂

    Grilled cheese….Really I love just about anything on it, but my all time favorite thing on it are tomatoes and pickles. I think the melted cheese and tomato are perfect. And I love pickles on it sooooooooo much.

    Love ya,

    Shauna xo

  3. Favorite grilled cheese combo is provolone, pesto, tomato, and onion on sourdough. Pesto is just THE THING for a yummy grilled cheese.
    I loved Pitch Perfect! I was not expecting much, but I took my 18 y.o niece to see it and I busted a gut. So many funny lines!

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