Ending The Saga

So.  To begin the treadmill saga where we left off.

Sare, our partner in treadmill repair visited our house on Valentine’s Day. He was hard at work for probably two hours to no avail.  And then he returned again on Friday morning to lay his magic hands on First Treadmill.

In that two hour span moment First Treadmill was healed and It Was Good.

Or so we thought until I was about two miles into a 15 mile run on Saturday morning. At which point First Treadmill made a clicking noise, a burning smell emanated from the motor and it sought out its eternal resting place at 0.0 MPH.

It was a dark, dark moment for a host of reasons, not the least of being that I still had 13 miles left to log and a not insignificant amount of anxiety about this run.

Enter: Ann (shoutout for sharing your Instagrams with me, girlfriend).

Who, bless her heart, had originally offered up her treadmill as a Plan B if First Treadmill was not fixed by the time that Long Run Saturday rolled around.

Because most gyms are not sympatico with the plight of the long runner.

So I gave her a call and she let me come over Right Away to get cracking.

Not to mention the fact that about halfway through my run, she popped downstairs, hopped on her spin bike and we played “gym” together.

It was my first time working out inside together with a friend.  Seriously.  Talk about day makers.

Anns Treadmill 2 Anns Treadmill 1

So we workshopped, she stayed with me until the end of my run and the miles just flew.

After which, I came home, napped it off and started researching treadmills.

We ended up at the Sears Outlet (yes, that’s a thing…check it out) and got a heavily discounted NordicTrack C900.


To be honest, the reason I looked at that machine first was Janae.  She uses her treadmill more than anyone else I’ve ever seen in action and short of buying a club-quality model, it seems as if this one holds up.

Anyway, as of yesterday, it had officially taken up residence in the place of First Treadmill (which we’re still in the process of figuring out how to get rid of it).  It shall henceforth be known as Treadmill the Second.


5 responses to “Ending The Saga

  1. I’m ever so relieved for you that this has a happy ending!

  2. While I will spend a few minutes today in silence to honor the memory of FM, I’m excited to welcome T2 to the family. And relieved that the only popping sound came from Not Anyone’s Knee Or Ankle.

  3. Wait – I want that! Where is this Sears outlet you speak of? My treadmill is so on it’s last leg.

  4. Welcome Second Treadmill. You are in good hands (or feet).

  5. hillcountrycook

    HAHAHAAAAA and I’m SO using “girlfran” !!!!! 🙂

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