My Weekend in Instagram

Hello, Sunday night.

Yes, I took more than two pictures this weekend.  But (1) I am saving some for later this week and (2) you only need to see so many snaps of a pint of beer before you are like, ENOUGH ALREADY. WE GET IT.

I will spare us all from this fate.

What’s sort of hilarious is that I’ve gone from feeling wordless to having, well, lots to share.  So I’ve made a list for myself and we’ll get through all of that in time.

For now, this weekend.  In photos from Instagram.  I think that last week, I finally felt like everything was finally “normal.”  And last weekend was the most “normal” weekend that Marcus and I have spent together in probably two months.

That’s a little bit insane when you think about it.

So we needed this weekend big time, and it did not disappoint.

The snaps.

On Friday, Steel Toe’s taproom finally opened up and we showed up about an hour after they got pouring to drink and celebrate.

Steel Toe

It was wonderful and then some.   Jason (the Head Brewer) has a really good thing going on there and it’s really nice to see someone so deserving have such success.

More selfishly: I really appreciate having a taproom in St. Louis Park.  They will always be unlocking the doors on Friday afternoons as I am driving home from work.  This is a really good system in my book.

Today, I got together with all of the women on Marcus’ side of the family to bake hamantaschen for Purim.

It’s a really wonderful thing that we all do together every year.  And as I say “we all” and “every year,” I am now counting on my fingers and realizing that we have all been baking together for six years now.


It was the pinnacle of industriousness.


About a thousand cookies later, we called it a day.  For inquiring minds that want to know, we mainly did mixed fruit, but there were also a few batches of peanut butter-chocolate chip and cherry pie filling.  Poppy seeds are nowhere to be found.

What did you do this weekend?


2 responses to “My Weekend in Instagram

  1. I’m not Jewish but I’m a sympathetic goy, and I LOVE hamentaschen.

  2. We absolutely adore Steel Toe. One of our favorite local breweries. We enjoyed a Growler of Dissent one weekend when we were snowed in!

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