Find the Nearest Couch

David Ben Gurion's Grave

This is me at David Ben-Gurion’s gravesite.

And, no, I’m not back with hoards of Israel stories yet.

Yes, I have them, but right now writing kind of seems like a chore.

Before I left, I decided to set up a heavy schedule of social activities to welcome myself home with.


A really good concept, but as I was overcome with a migraine halfway through dinner with Katie, I think it’s safe to say that it was not the best in practice.

I still can’t hear out of my right ear (this was expected).  The antibiotic ear drops burn as they trickle through the perforation in my ear drum and down the back of my throat (again, also expected).

I am exhausted and annoyed and whiny and not the best version of myself right now.  This week almost seems more challenging than last week.

Or as Martha put it today, OMG everyone needs to go find the nearest couch and LIE DOWN.  DON’T MOVE.


2 responses to “Find the Nearest Couch

  1. Can I get you a frozen piece of cake?

  2. Definitely rest if you can. And, as per the last post, you should get wife of the year award. Enjoy the sofa!

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