Israel was incredibly beautiful and at the same time, it was a very hard country to see.  I did not leave my heart with the land, but I absolutely left it with the people.

For lack of a better description, the last two weeks feel surreal to me.  Coming home was closer to waking up from a particularly long dream than anything else.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll start writing things down and telling stories.

But right now, I’m wading through a haze of jetlag and antibiotics.

About two hours into our flight from Tel Aviv to Newark, I ruptured my right ear drum at 34,000 feet as we cruised above Romania.  A visit to the doctor’s office en route to Plymouth revealed an ear infection in my left ear as well.

I’m sure that’s exactly what you envisioned when you closed your eyes and thought of the jet set.

Me too.

What matters is that I finally have my husband back, a real bed to sleep in, clean laundry, and a fridge full of food.

This is the life.


6 responses to “Home.

  1. It would beso cool to go to Israel, love the picture.

  2. Why did I think Marcus went with you? Sorry about the eardrum and antibiotics, but welcome home.

  3. I’m so happy that you had an amazing experience.
    But I hate that you’re sick. I got sick when I came home from Germany, and it was awful. My eardrum burst shortly after we were married – horrors. Feel better, dear friend!

  4. So, so sorry to hear that trip ended on a sour note. I can’t wait to hear more (sweet or bitter) as you have time to process the trip.

  5. Welcome home! Anxiously awaiting your stories but a healing and recovery is most important. Be well, Kat.

  6. Looking forward to reading more about your trip…..but for now: REST UP!
    Sending healing prayers your way!

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