Soup Week: White Chicken Chili

I know y’all are missing me (and the Friday Food Round-Up!) something fierce.

I miss you too.

A favorite dinner in our house is Jenna’s White Chicken Chili.

Yes, I went from having a husband who ate no chili to a husband who embraces all chilis.

Could a girl get any luckier than that?

We started cooking this chili a few years ago and it has stuck faithfully in the recipe rotation.

What makes this recipe so phenomenally wonderful is that the ingredient list is so reasonable.


And that a not insignificant portion of it is made with Things That Come In Cans.

This, darlings, is what we call a sanity-saver.  And something that fits comfortably into the budget.

The end result?  Looks something like this.


Click on over here for the recipe!


3 responses to “Soup Week: White Chicken Chili

  1. So glad you shared this–I have been looking for an easy white chicken chili recipe! Looks perfect. aloha to you–

  2. Kat….I love chicken in chili and this looks delicious! And a little piece of cornbread on the side…..perfect! : )

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