Dispatch from The Homeland: Part IV

All of the men on our trip are sporting scarves now. After interrogating our Israelis, we determined that this could be a Tel Aviv thing. But it is apparently not a common style for the masses.

Regardless, Bus 291 continues to fully fund the Israeli scarf and pashmina industry with great enthusiasm.

Last night we went to the Bedouin tents and slept in them.  They were constructed from tarps. Not quite as glamourous, but extremely functional.

Thanks to my fleece-lined running tights, I think I was one of five people who slept soundly.

Today, camels after breakfast.


My camel riding partner and I managed to coordinate in hot pink. I look forward to seeing us in pictures.

We also scaled this gorge.


Again, with the scarves.

It is hardcore thematic.

I managed a sunburn today, which was to put it plainly, wonderful. It is the best free souvenir.


5 responses to “Dispatch from The Homeland: Part IV

  1. Can you imagine Igs in a scarf? Maybe it’s because he lives in Ramat Gan and not TLV proper. You should ask your Israelis what they think. Miss you to pieces and can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  2. LOVE the scarf your wearing. Not sure why, but I always like scarves on other people, but have trouble finding ones that I like for myself.

  3. You are so cute. I love it all. Lucky girl.

    Shauna xoxox

  4. My best friend went to Israel last year and brought me back a scarf and I wear it approximately six out of the seven days of the week. No joke. I LOVE that thing.

    Love your pics! It looks like you are soaking up all the trip has to offer!

  5. Don’t you wish you could just bring a camel home on the airplane? Maybe camel needs a scarf as well…

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