Dispatch from the Homeland

All, I am standing pressed against a locked glass door at the kibbutz to grab some wireless at 11:00 PM. This is my life now.

A few snaps for your enjoyment as you gaze over brown grass and snow (unless you are blessed with a southern address). It is incredibly beautiful here.

Mother, please post the link to my blog post for Shabbat in the comments. All: Feel free to stalk my trip group’s blog. I can’t promise anymore posts authored by moi, but at least you’ll know what I’m up to.

So we begin.

The cliffs at the Banias.


A view from a hike near Kibbutz Afik.


Sunset over the Kineret (Sea of Galilee).


The kibbutz food is amongst the worst I’ve had in my life (Linds, you were right about losing weight in Israel).

On the bright side, I had some lovely kebab for dinner and a delightful falafel yesterday at lunch.

I’m getting Bat Mitzvahed next week. Partially because I am in Israel and partially because this week’s Torah Portion is something I’m willing to commit to for life.

Stay tuned.

Missing you all.


6 responses to “Dispatch from the Homeland

  1. Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you have fun, and I’m jealous of all your meals!

  3. Kat!! Thank you for the update. Much love to you. Enjoy this incedible experience.

    Shauna xoxoxoxxo

  4. gfreerunner

    I’m so excited for you Kat! This looks likes an amazing opportunity and you sound so happy to be there!

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