Friday Food Round-Up!

My itinerary tells me that today, I’m meant to be in Galilee and the Golan Heights.  Hiking by waterfalls is involved.  Beyond that is anyone’s guess.

Sunday – Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie


We made this for dinner once and LOVED it, so I don’t know why we never made it again.  Anyway, I was in one hell of a pot pie mood and this was speaking to my soul.

So naturally, when I started to cook it, I got deadly nauseous a la That One Week Two Weeks Ago Where I Couldn’t Eat Anything.

As I managed to figure out after popping an Ativan, all of these stomach shenanigans have been caused by some major anxiety.

No more.

So, Marcus ate this (and seconds!) on his own at the dinner table while I curled into a ball.

Make this for someone you love.

Monday – Zorbaz Mexican Pizza on Pizza Crust


In the spirit of playing “eat something from the food culture you are least likely to experience at your destination,” I decided something with a flair from the American Southwest should go on the docket.

Retrospectively, I forgot olives.  But life went on.  And this pizza was still wonderful.

What are your favorite pizza topping combinations?


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. That pizza looks crazy delicious. I want now.

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