My life tonight…

My life tonight…

Running to the Cascada Remix.  Again.  I have no shame.

Single girl dinner = Blueberry overnight oats.

Single girl dinner = New Glarus Winter Warmer and Lagunitas Censored.

Single girl dinner = A couple of buckeyes and an Oreo truffle.

Sorry I’m not sorry.

Girls.  Co-worker who went on puppy visitation with me told me it was A Must.  She was right.  Just like she was right about Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  I watched four episodes.

If you don’t have a co-worker like this yet, get one.

Laundry.  I can’t stop washing all the things.  Can you tell I’m thinking about packing?

The Lululemon jacket is air-drying.

Workshopping with Lindsey.

It’s my oxygen.

The guest room.  We’re using it for the first time.  It doesn’t have sheets yet, but we have a lot of pillows and blankets.

That counts, right?


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