My life right now.


This is a process people.

First it’s flooding in Tel Aviv, now it’s snowing.

It’s probably time to wash everything I own and get going.


6 responses to “Packing

  1. Have a marvelous trip. Run Tel Aviv for me, please.

  2. I think layers are gonna be key with that kind of weather! Have a great trip 🙂

  3. Wait what? I missed something. Did I miss a post. I caught up but I missed something. You’re going to Isreal? Okay, I’m going back to read through, carefully. Yes, you better layer up for sure!! So exciting!!!

    Shauna xoxoxoxxo

  4. I soooo know that feeling. Can’t wait to hear about the trip.

  5. Priorities.

  6. I am very interested in this Israel adventure…I have missed if this is pleasure or business…perhaps kibbutz-y? I always wanted to farm on a kibbutz but never did. Next life…

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