My Life at Work

I know I don’t blog a ton about work, but to summarize the past month, I got a new boss, and nothing else really changed.


New Boss got a puppy about a month ago, and another co-worker and I began an active campaign to meet her because…PUPPIES.

Today, we got to meet her.  Look.


She was darling.  And her ears were soft.  Does anything else really matter?

Since this has apparently turned into a post about my life in the office, I’m sure it should come as no surprise to y’all that I have become the de-facto department party planner.

I swear to God I actually do work when I’m at work.  But someone has to be in charge of the fun.

It started last year when I took up the organization of our cookie exchange.  And then suddenly, this November we were having Doritos Potluck (which is exactly what it sounds like).

Tomorrow, we’re having the first ever Totluck.  You might be thinking, Kat, that is a nutritionally void lunch.  And you would be right.  But once the inspiration struck, there was no turning back.

To that end, tonight I actioned Mashed Potato Casserole, which is going to straight into the crockpot tomorrow morning.


2 responses to “My Life at Work

  1. Is your company hiring?! Totlucks? Puppies? Sounds like a fabulous place to work 🙂

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