Reverb 12 | Prompt 25 | Traditions

#reverb12 is a prompt-a-day series for the month of December that is meant to give us all the chance to reflect on 2012 and the opportunity to write down our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Through December 31st Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting each day with a new prompt. Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Traditions.  Do you follow old traditions or do you work to create new traditions?  What role has tradition played in your life over the past year?  Are there traditions you hope to create or embrace in 2013?



For us, today will be wonderful.  And that’s all that really matters.


One response to “Reverb 12 | Prompt 25 | Traditions

  1. Happy Holidays my dear. And a bright New Year. Thanks for the baby well wishes…I am not much in the know about Feedburner. Will have to put in on my 2013 Year To Research list.

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