Reverb 12 | Prompt 18 | 1000 Words

#reverb12 is a prompt-a-day series for the month of December that is meant to give us all the chance to reflect on 2012 and the opportunity to write down our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Through December 31st Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting each day with a new prompt. Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

1000 Words: There’s the old saying that a photo is worth 1,000 words.  Give us a photo with that impact that sums up some significant event of your 2012, or give us 1000 words about a pivotal moment in 2012.

03 Beer

It’s very simple, really.  When your situation changes, no mater how slowly or how abruptly, you have a choice.

Either you are going to buck up and get with the program or you are going to let your world be shattered/turned inside-out/upside-down by forces beyond your control.

Find the good in every situation.  Pessimists never win.  Karma is real.


4 responses to “Reverb 12 | Prompt 18 | 1000 Words

  1. I remember this one and I love it.

  2. YES!! This post, I love.
    This is why I read your blog my friend. Right on.

  3. Sweetie, That I would say this photo took courage is such an understatement! You listened and survived and the rest of us were not stuck low by the misery of the moment. Neither of us planned what we got in Duluth this year – you infirm, me hardly able to walk 4 blocks wearing a cone. I have decided there are many marathons in life – some you choose to sign up for and others that come at you flying like a wild unavoidable curve ball.

  4. Wow, your mom hit that one right out of the ballpark. Man, we are all running marathons, whether we wanted to or not that’s for sure. Love this post and that picture is classic. Love it!

    Shauna xoxoxoxo

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